I am rural dean (prost) of the Lutheran Church of Norway in Sør Helgeland deanery, Sør Hålogaland, Norway. I hold a Ph.D. in constructive theology from Drew University, NJ. My dissertation is called „Abyss of God:  Flesh, Love and Language in Paul Tillich“. Abyss is a concept used in medieval mysticism to denote divinity. The idea of the divine depth can be traced from neoplatonism through 13. and 14. century German mysticism to the early thought of Luther and from there to Jacob Boehme from whom Schelling and Hegel inherited some of their metaphysical intuitions. In the dissertation I explore the mystical past of the concept and read Tillich´s notion of the abyss of God in the light of contemporary discourses such as feminist theory, feminist theology and poststructuralist philosophy. I am in the process of publishing my dissertation in English and it will probably be available next year. I am also working on a book on ecofeminist theology that builds upon my ideas of the abyss of God.

I have recently taken up the deanship in Norway. Before that I worked as a senior pastor in Grafarholtsprestakall in Reykjavík, Iceland from 2004. Before that I served as a minister in Olafsfjordur, North Iceland 1995-2000  and Sugandafjordur in NW Iceland from 1990-1995. During my studies in the US I substituted for ELCA pastors in NJ and Massachusetts and worked as an interim minister in Holy Trinity, North Caldwell, NJ.

I am married to Rognvaldur Gudmundsson and we have three sons, Hjalti, born in 1987, Hraunberg, born in 1990 and Gudmar born in 1994. The boys are now grown and live their own lives in Iceland, but me and Rognvaldur live in a beautiful rectory from 1844 in the beautiful Brønnøysund, Norway.